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Education Abroad Policies

Participants typically need 6 months to a year of prep-time to complete the requirements necessary before departure. 

1. Eligibility Requirements
‚ÄčA) Must be at least 18 years old
B) Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
C) At least sophomore standing at time of departure
D) Discipline record at EWU will be reviewed for all applicants
E) Students must have completed at least one quarter at EWU for application to be approved
F) Running Start students must complete Running Start and confirm plans to continue at EWU as a degree-seeking student
G) Transfer students must complete one quarter at EWU before going abroad
H) Must follow EWU Student Conduct Code (SAC 172-121-040) during entire Education Abroad program. Must agree to abide by all applicable laws of the country in which they will be studying.

2. Health and Safety Risks Disclosure
Participating in an Education Abroad program offers you an exciting opportunity to learn and develop in a foreign environment. However, it is important that you understand that any type of travel has inherent health and safety risks. The EWU Education Abroad Office seeks to provide you with resources to be aware of and mitigate the potential risks and hazards of living and traveling in a foreign country. The EWU Education Abroad Office is a part of the EWU School of Global Learning.
A) Global Assistance and Health Insurance coverage is mandatory for all participants, provided through On Call
EWU Education Abroad provides insurance coverage for all participants in an education abroad experience. Fees for this coverage will apply. The only circumstance under which someone may opt out of the university insurance is by providing the Education Abroad Office proof of equivalent coverage through another provider. Requests for equivalent coverage are reviewed by the School of Global Learning.

B) Participants must register with the US Department of State using the instructions provided by the EWU Education Abroad Office

3. Academics and Financial Aid Information
Students Going with a Faculty-Led Program
  • Students participating in Faculty Led programs will register in the course(s) applicable to that program prior to departure.
  • Grades will post at the conclusion of your program. The grade you receive will be based on the criteria set forth by the Faculty prior to departure.

Students Going Abroad Through Exchange, 3rd Party or Direct Enrollment
  • Prior to participant's departure: participants will complete the necessary Course Credit Approval (CCA) form(s). Note: Failure to adhere to the CCA process, this may mean the credits earned abroad will not be accepted at EWU. 
  • Courses taken abroad for the participant's major, minor or GECR's are required to be done for a numeric grade.
  • Official transcripts of work abroad will be sent to the EWU Education Abroad Office in a sealed envelope on the host school's letterhead. Grades will be reflected on the participant's EWU transcript, once converted - which may take up to 6 months, depending on when transcript from host institution is received.

Financial Aid Rules and Regulations for all Students Going Abroad
  • Participants must complete at least a minimum amount of credits required in order to receive financial aid for each quarter abroad.
  • Participants will submit all costs of their program abroad, prior to departure, including required documentation to the Education Abroad Advisor to complete their budget sheet. The cost specified on the participant's budget sheet is not a guarantee of the monetary amount they will receive.
  • Their aid cannot be dispersed early even if their departure is prior to the beginning of the quarter for which they are receiving aid. Participants may have to repay any financial aid they receive, if they withdraw or do not complete their study abroad program.

4. Passport/Visa
The participant is responsible for determining the passport and/or visa requirements for the country in which they will be studying and for applying for all necessary documents. The participant will provide a copy of their passport and visa to their Education Abroad Advisor prior to departure.

5. Information for Students with Disabilities 
You are welcome to study abroad. Please note that in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), Eastern Washington University (EWU), and the Education Abroad Office will work with you to accommodate any disabilities to the extent required by the law. Note that not all countries around the world are ADA compliant. The EWU Education Abroad Office works with partner programs and institutions to determine whether the necessary accommodations are available in your first choice location. If not, all attempts will be made to find an alternate destination which will better fit your needs and goals.